Is your plan to come and live in the Netherlands? Welcome!

With the help of Expat Guidance you will quickly feel at home in the Netherlands. We can’t change anything about the climate, unfortunately, but we can promise that we will take care of everything which needs to be arranged when emigrating. This, so you can focus entirely on your (new) job.

We can also support your (future) employer prior to your arrival regarding various matters. Often processes such as accommodation, a working visa and the official immigration through the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) have already been started.

If this is not the case, these are aspects of the moving process we can support you with.

Expat Guidance also offers a range of services with respect to personal matters. Matters that may become tiring if you’re not familiar yet with Dutch (municipal) institutions. For example:

  • How and where to find a GP?
  • How and where to find suitable education for your child?
  • How and where to arrange telephone and internet connection?
  • What needs to be arranged and through which municipal body?

Expat Guidance sees strength in building social networks and encourages and assists introductions to new social circles which can help the process of settling into your new life. This way you are able to make the most of your spare time and enjoy the Netherlands.


Feeling at home

People have different ideas about what it feels like to feel at home. Your personal needs are the solemn driver to agree a plan of the support we are able to offer you. Together we will come to an agreement of how your personal needs fit in and need of personal support would look like.


Together we will look at accommodating your children in suitable educational institutions and we can recommend childcare and nurseries. It is even possible to introduce you to and show you different places before having to make a decision.

Medical Service

Expat Guidance offers to register you at a local GP and could support you with your appointments to the GP, the dentist or hospital. And in case of an emergency, we operate a 24/7 service.